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SAGAL Food Market: Your Top Choice Supermarket in Paterson

Welcome to SAGAL Food Market, Paterson’s premier grocery destination. Our commitment to providing top-notch quality sets us apart as the best store in the area. Not only do we specialize in a wide range of products, but we also ensure that every shopping trip meets your diverse culinary needs. 

Quality and Freshness in Every Aisle:

Our selection is not just vast, it’s the epitome of quality. Each item in our store, from fresh produce to packaged goods, undergoes rigorous quality checks. This means you always get the best, whether preparing a special meal or stocking up on daily essentials. And don’t forget to check out our weekly specials for affordable culinary excellence.

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Our Supermarket shop with Confidence:

We ensure a smooth and efficient shopping experience. Furthermore, our well-organized store and friendly staff make grocery shopping a breeze. As you explore our aisles, you’ll find meal ideas that not only impress but also satisfy. Additionally, regularly view our special deals to keep your pantry full without stretching your budget. Therefore, SAGAL Food Market is where quality, savings, and convenience meet.

Shop Fresh, Eat Fresh our Supermarket

Shopping at our Supermaket is more than a simple grocery purchase. Here, you choose fresh items that will transform your meals into memorable experiences. We carefully inspect our fresh food for quality, ensuring you receive wholesome goodness with every bite.

Moreover, we understand the hustle of daily life. That’s why we offer a convenient takeaway option. This service is perfect for those busy days or when you’re in the mood for something quick yet delicious.

Quality Assurance​

We are committed to providing products that meet the highest standards of quality and freshness

Customer Satisfaction​

Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to ensuring that your shopping experience is pleasant and fulfilling.


Our wide range of products ensures that there's something for everyone, no matter your preference or dietary needs.

Community Focus​

We are proud to support local producers, contributing to the people and offering you the best of the region.

Everything You Need to Know: Your FAQs Answered

Our seafood expand initiative at SAGAL Food Market has broadened the variety of fresh seafood available, ensuring you will find high-quality ingredients for your marine cuisine. You should shop with us for these ingredients because we are committed to excellence and variety, making us the ideal grocery outlet for all your seafood needs.
At SAGAL Food Market, we have a stringent quality standard process in place. Our fresh food selections are meticulously checked to guarantee that you receive fresh and wholesome goodness in every bite, ensuring that every meal you prepare is both delicious and nutritious.
Yes, we provide weekly specials at SAGAL Food Market that allow customers to enjoy culinary delights at affordable prices. Our specials are designed to help you save on everyday essentials as well as special occasion items, ensuring that your pantry stays stocked without stretching your budget.
Our frozen section at SAGAL Food Market is filled with a vast array of menu frozen items, including anything from crispy appetizers to sumptuous desserts. The selection is meticulously curated to save you time without compromising on the taste, ensuring that you’ll find quality options for quick meals and delectable snacks alike.
SAGAL Food Market offers digital coupons that are easy to use and frequently updated, ensuring you always get the best deal possible. To take advantage of these savings, you can access and apply the coupons during checkout for instant discounts on your groceries. Be sure to check our digital coupons regularly to save on each shopping trip.

At SAGAL Food Market, we take customer privacy seriously, underpinning all interactions with a rigorous privacy policy that respects and protects your data. This applies whether you’re using our myLidl app or shopping in our aisles. Our policy is transparent, and we ensure you’re informed about how we use your information. Your privacy is a top priority, and we take meticulous care to safeguard your personal details with every transaction.

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